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My trips to JAPAN 


Voyez ici les détails sur mes voyages au Japon.
Here are the detailed accounts of my trips to Japan.


There have been a long time since I wanted to go to Japan, visit this country with my own eyes, be part of it, live with it. I have been studying for a long time now about all and every aspect that revolves around this fabulous country which entertains various passions among my many friends. Some friends have lived there, some lives there, some left their lives there, wishing to go back someday, and I'm also like one of them. Since I visited Japan in August 2011 for a very short period of time (2 weeks), I think I'm having the time of my life trying to recover, realizing that, obviously, a "part of me" remained there and I cannot ignore this anymore. I'm more and more dragged into loving everything about this country even to the extent of defending proactively some tendencies that emanes from it. The country of the rising sun is gaining on me, but don't be afraid, everything goes smoothly in this.

But what about my passion for this tiny archipelago, located at the other end of the earth, and so different from my "home" country you ask? Well, my "home" country doesn't feel like home for a single second since, decision after decision, the government of Canada has been slowly sinking into deep human-killing capitalism, encouraging destruction of the environment in profit to multi-national companies and interests of such money-making, profitable lobbies into conglomerates. I'm not sure if this makes any sense at all, but I don't feel great when I think about everything that Canada, where I live, is about. I know the same thing is happening in other countries, including Japan, but as far as I know, in Japan, it's not up to the same extent.
Well, Japan always seems to teach to me that the way we do things in Canada is wrong in some way. Even if Japan itself has some drawbacks to live there and some negative points, positive points surpass greatly the lacks in some domains. The paths the Japan country evolves in are so much different from Canada, that it is simply not comparable.

To be able to experience more of my love of Japan, I returned to Tokyo, in august and september 2013 for another 2 weeks vacation. Heck I would have loved to spend way more time there, if not my whole life, if only I could. Everybody that has looked into or actually moved to Japan from a "western" country will tell you : Immigrating to Japan is a real challenge... So, wonder why I'm still living in Canada, dealing with all my cars and stuff? Sometimes you just can't get over some things. But times are starting to change...

In 2014, I made yet another trip to Japan which was very well prepared compared to the 2013 one in which I just randomly went around Tokyo.
In 2014, I visited Nikko, the Ghibli museum, and many other things that I greatly enjoyed. When I look back at it, it was one of the best trips I've ever made.

2015 marked a turning point in my life when I decided it was time for me to work the leads on to my life and go to Japan for one year on a Working Holiday visa while I still could.
I blindly plunged into the visa process and sold many things and cars and in September 2015, I swiftly embarked for what remains up to now the greatest thing I've ever done in my life.

You can read my different accounts of trips to Japan below and visit the picture galleries.


ISUNA'S 8月(AUGUST) 平成23 (2011) TRIP TO JAPAN PART 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18





ISUNA'S 8月(AUGUST) 平成25 (2013) TRIP TO JAPAN PART 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (JUMP TO FACEBOOK...)





AUGUST 2014 : I was prepared. After a difficult 2013 year, I managed to find places and tourist attractions that I didn't visit yet in Tokyo in order to make a rough planning of what I wanted to do. I stayed again at my very good friend's place near Kasai station in Edogawa, Tokyo so this was a starting point for any of my journeys around.
Please note that apart from Tokyo, I didn't visit much else except Nikko and Mishima / Izu Peninsula.




PART 1 : My 3rd trip to Japan!!! - Departure from Canada, trip to Izu Peninsula for a BBQ with friends, the way back to Tokyo, dinner with a friend in Asakusa, and visit of Kagurazaka and Akagi shrine.


PART 2 : A one-day trip to Nikko on a rainy day, a stop at Tokyo's Sky Tree, dinner/date with a girl in Shibuya, visit of a car parts shop in Koshigaya.

PART 3 : iPhone pictures taken with the rental iPhone, not sorted by date or anything.. Roughly : Mishima, Izu Peninsula trip, Kagurazaka, Central Tokyo, Tokyo Tower, trip to Nikko, visit at Isuzu Sports, outdoor Tokyo Edo Museum, Mt. Takao and back, a stop at Nakano, night out with friends and random pictures all around Tokyo.


PART 4 : The outdoor Tokyo Edo Museum!


PART 5 : A little bit of trekking / walking into Mt. Takao (Takao-san), west of Tokyo. Journey ending with a delicious ramen in Nakano.

PART 6 : Visit/date in Kamakura with Ayaka... Night out with Yukiro and Kifujin!


PART 7 : The Ueno Zoo and park !


PART 8 : Ame-yoko in Ueno, Yanaka and Sendagi.


PART 9 : Togoshi ginza, walk all the way to Osaki, Yamanote line to Shinbashi, Shinbashi to Odaibakaihinkoen on the Yurikamome Line, Odaiba, the rainbow bridge, Sega Joypolis...

10 11 12  (



ISUNA'S 平成27-28 (2015-2016) ONE YEAR IN JAPAN


This is the year I chose to spend in Japan and try to live my dream as much as possible. Even if I'm not very rich, I tried to have fun as much as possible!
I started my journey in Tokyo for a few days, staying at a Japanese friend's house in Oshiage district. Living in the city, with my friends, it was awesome! I couldn't ask more! The friends I've stayed at they are a couple, and personally, I think they lead a very, very, ... very nice life : their own house in a quiet neighborhood with their own space to work on plenty of projects as artists, don't need a car, no kids, they each have their own job... I'm seriously envious.
I then went to Izu Peninsula, to Ito city this time, where I started working as a helper for room and house cleaning in a old but beautiful and awesome hostel. I worked there in exchange for accomodation and pocket money of 8000 yen per month. Not much if you ask me but this was a one-of-a-kind experience. Since I worked only 4 hours per day, I had time to go to free Japanese lessons and also borrow a bicycle and stroll everywhere around the city. I went litterally... everywhere... the small streets climbing the mountains, abandoned roads, coastal road. The name of the hostel is K's House Ito Onsen. I really recommend staying at this hostel if you come to visit Japan and Shizuoka prefecture, specifically Izu Peninsula.
In December I moved to Hakuba in Nagano prefecture to work at a ski resort.




Since putting panoramic pictures on Facebook actually sucks because you don't get to see a thing, I decided to upload them to Flickr, as for most of the pictures from now on.
Since Flickr does a really good job in managing all the pictures, I'll post here, on this website, only the BEST pictures I've taken. Click on the pictures themselves to view them on Flickr.

September 2015 : Hachiko and his master reunited at Univeristy of Tokyo, Faculty of Agriculture gate.


September 2015 : Coastline of Marine Town, Ito-shi, Shizuoka prefecture.



September 2015 : Panorama view on top of Mount Omuro, Ito city, Shizuoka prefecture.


September 2015 : Coastline between Ito-shi and Kawana, Shizuoka prefecture, view from Shiofuki park.




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